Special Package 2

The Step Up

We will professionally steam clean and deodorize  3 rooms, 1 hallway and any 1 flight of your steps for only $175.00

(A savings of over $100)

Steam cleaning is the only form of cleaning recommended by carpet and tile manufacturers, because of its gentle and thorough cleaning attributes. Keep your carpets looking like the day they were placed in your home or business by images (8)calling on a company that cares for each and every fiber. That’s us!

Our technicians and staff are committed to ongoing training and use the latest technology and equipment. We can confidently re-mediate all projects from small issues to large, intensive projects. From cleaning your finest fabrics, carpets and tile to removing your unsightly pet stains, restoring damage to homes and business’ affected by water, sewer, crime scene and bio-hazard situations, we’ve got you covered.

This special price cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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