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The Ultimate Clean and Protect

We will professionally steam clean, protect and deodorize 4 rooms for only $200.00

(A savings of over $100)

Hot Water Extraction Method

Our hot water extraction method is recommended by carpet dirty carpet 2 manufacturers. We can clean your carpets in just a few hours with this method of carpet cleaning. We can clean light areas or areas that are heavily soiled. We use high-pressure hot water to get deep down into your carpet and make sure it gets thoroughly cleaned. The water is sent back to our truck mount system so the carpets are left in a damp condition but not soggy. The water is heated to 200 degrees which removes the dirt and grime and an emulsifying solution also helps with this process. This method won’t void your warranty like other methods and it does an excellent job of getting your carpets as clean as they can be. The system is very portable so it can even get to areas that are hard to reach. The Carpet Cleaner has the carpet cleaning tools to get the job done for you and provide you with great looking carpets.

Our Service

  • Our carpet cleaning technicians are certified and trained in all phases of carpet cleaning and fiber identification. The carpet cleaning solution we use helps make your carpets smell nice and fresh.
  • Most carpet stains are pretreated as part of our cleaning process to ensure the excellence our cleaning performance for our customers.
  • We walk through your residence prior to starting our cleaning process.
  • Our technicians look to see where the problem areas are such as stains, pet odors, heavy soiling, or damage to the carpet. The technicians will discuss these problems with you so you understand the process. Some work is extra such as pet and odor stains.

Our Steps dirty carpet

  • Vacuum: Depending on the cleaning package you choose, we will vacuum the open areas, not covered by furniture, to help remove as most of the loose soil as possible.
  • Pre-spot: We pre-treat most stains before we begin cleaning to help remove stains and high traffic soiling. If our carpet cleaning professional finds any stain that requires a different method of removal, we will let you know and discuss with you the method of removal that may be needed.
  • Carpet Cleaning: The hot water extraction method helps to penetrate deep down to remove stains and debris. We then vacuum all the cleaning solution to make sure your carpets dry within a few hours which prevents your carpet from browning from excessive carpet solution.
  • Grooming: We groom the carpet fibers with a professional carpet rake, which helps in raising the carpet pile, to bring your carpet to back that fresh new look.

Your Carpet Cleaning Solution

The Carpet Cleaner is your best solution for your carpet cleaning needs. We can address any carpet cleaning issue and work with you to ensure your carpets are cleaned properly.

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