The Carpet Cleaner’s
Forever Clean Program

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The Carpet Cleaner offers a simple cleaning maintenance plan called
the FOREVER CLEAN plan. You can always call us out whenever you need us, but many people prefer easy to budget monthly payments. This guarantees clean carpets year round at a significant discount*.

Cleaner Carpets

12 month Maintenance Plan
Pet Problems!  Dirty Traffic Patterns!  Mysterious Returning Stains!

Our cleaning products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Pay for the Initial Deep Cleaning of all of your carpeted areas (this cleaning will include light furniture moving and a complete application of Stain Guard carpet protector to protect against accidents).

The balance of the maintenance plans price will be spread over the next 6 months.
We’ll provide Open Area Cleaning in 6 months of all areas not covered by furniture.

During the 12 month maintenance plan you are entitled to 6 Emergency cleaning calls (If you accidentally spill a cup of coffee or if your pet has an accident call us immediately, and we’ll clean it the right way. Before the stain becomes permanent).

A 5% Discount on any other services requested during the maintenance term.

A FREE 16oz bottle of spotter + a refill at each scheduled clean ($15 value each).


You Get 2 professional deep steam cleanings at a great discount.An Annual application of Stain Guard Carpet protector to improve your carpets resistance to dirt, spills and wear and tear.
Spread your cleaning expenses evenly making budgeting easier.
Extend the life of your carpet; reduce permanent staining, allergens, dust mites and fleas with regular Professional maintenance.
Provide a consistently clean environment for you and your family.
No worries.  WE call YOU to schedule your cleanings.

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