Cleaning Estimate

This calculator will give you a best guess estimate of the base cost to have The Carpet Cleanerâ„¢ professionally clean all of your carpets (your actual cost may vary depending on the specials chosen and the size of the areas to be cleaned).

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Rooms up to 200 square feet = $45 ea + $0.45 for each additional sq ft per room
Carpet Protection = $35 per room
Carpet Deodorizing = $35 per room
Steps = $2.50 per step
Step Protection & Deodorizing = $2.50 per step
Bath and Laundry Rooms = $25.00 per room
Bath and Laundry Room Protection and Deodorizing = $15 per room
Entries and Hallways = $35 per area
Entries and Hallways Protection = $20.00 ea
Entries and Hallways Deodorizing = $15.00 ea
Subsurface Cleaning = $35.00 per area



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