Clean Carpeting Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Carpeting?

Average reported cost: $217 based on 1,148 cost profiles

Most homeowners spent between: $188 – $246

Minimum cost: $100

Maximum cost: $372cleaning costs

On average, carpet cleaning costs $195 nationally, with most homeowners spending between $172 and $218.

Cleaning your carpets is something that should be done annually or even biannually, yet most homeowners do so infrequently. To make sure the job is done thoroughly, your best bet is to find a reputable professional.

Square footage

Most carpet cleaning pros set prices based on square footage or number of rooms. In general, the more space you need to have cleaned, the higher the cost will be.


Most carpets today are either cleaned with chemicals, steam, or with a combination of the two. Costs will be comparable for any of the methods, so your best bet is to call several professionals who offer one or all of the services and get their quotes to see which service will fit within your budget.

Stain removal

Stain removal will add to the overall price. How much is based on the type and size of the stains. Pet stains and other deep stains will likely cost more to remove, as it will take the pro more time and materials to remove.


Most carpet cleaners include furniture moving or removal in their bid. However, moving the furniture yourself could help trim some of the cost.


Getting your stairs cleaned or carpets Scotch-guarded to prevent future staining will increase the costs. Scotch-guard is a chemical substance that makes your carpets resistant to future stains. Having it done to your carpets might keep your next cleaning down in price, so it could be worth the investment.


Sometimes you can get discounts by doing multiple rooms at once or including upholstery cleaning with carpet cleaning. Ask your company if they offer any deals like this to try to save on the cost of clean carpeting.




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