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How to Clean Dog Urine from Carpet

Oh puppies. With their big eyes, wagging tails, and playful pounces, they’re just so hard to resist! Even the most hardened heart can be softened after playing with a pup. But as much as you may love their adorable faces

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Nothing is more important for maintaining beautiful, long lasting carpet than vacuuming. Dry soil is abrasive and can actually damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear. In addition to creating a dingy, poor appearance, it will also diminish the effectiveness

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Why do the spots on my carpet keep coming back?

The first is reason is called wicking. Many times, the spot has seeped into the backing of the carpet. This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in large volume on carpets. The material dries in

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Rippled or Buckled Carpet After Cleaning.

Rippling and buckling carpeting is the last thing you want to see after having your carpets cleaned. Rippling and buckling refers to the appearance of ridges and valleys in the carpet, giving the appearance of a bed sheet that has

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Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction vs steam cleaning. Do you know the difference?
The fact is, many people mistakenly refer to hot water extraction as steam cleaning when in actuality, they are two entirely different cleaning processes. Each method uses a different

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Clean Carpeting Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Carpeting?
Average reported cost: $217 based on 1,148 cost profiles
Most homeowners spent between: $188 – $246
Minimum cost: $100
Maximum cost: $372
On average, carpet cleaning costs $195 nationally, with most homeowners

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Filtration Soiling

(Those ugly black lines around the baseboards and under doorways)
If you have light colored carpet, you may have experienced dark lines that appear mostly around the edge of the room and under doorways. This soiling is called filtration soiling

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How to Get Gum Out of Carpet

Give a little kid a piece of chewing gum and you never know where it’ll end up! In their hair, in a pocket, in the fibers of your carpet . . . If you pick it up right away, no

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How Does Scotchgard Work?

How Does Scotchgard Work?
Scotchgard is a magical thing. You spray it on—and just like that, your carpet or upholstery is protected by an invisible shield! It repels and blocks stains, resists soiling, and keeps your carpet and upholstery

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A Carpet’s Dilemma

Dear Homeowner,
Our love began on the day that you chose me.
You walked through the store, stopped and looked proudly.
You stroked my pile and oohed and aahed!
Colored beige and priced by the yard.
The pain of my

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